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Mars Hill Capital Group is a leading private equity group with a distinct focus on the manufacturing sector. At the intersection of innovation, efficiency, and growth, we target underleveraged manufacturing facilities, unlocking their true potential through strategic investments and operational expertise.

Structured for Longevity. We buy enduring businesses, run by exceptional people, and hold them forever. Mars Hill Capital Group was founded based on a simple belief. That a business works best for everyone when it is run for the long term.

We do see businesses as assets, we do not we buy businesses just to sell them again in a few years time. We buy enduring businesses - Run by exceptional people - And hold them forever.


Our portfolio spans a diverse range of manufacturing niches, from aerospace and automotive components to consumer goods and specialty materials.

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Electronics (Contract) Manufacturers is a strong suit of ours

Injection Molding

Injection Molding is a still needed business in many different sectors of industry

Car engine electrical wiring harness damage from rat



Metals is a still needed business in many different sectors of industry

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Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over a century in manufacturing, finance, and M&A, possesses a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances that define the manufacturing landscape. At Mars Hill Capital Group, we take pride in our hands-on approach, partnering closely with management teams to identify value creation opportunities, streamline operations, and accelerate growth.

Investment Requirements

Mars Hill Capital Group invests primarily in manufacturing and value-added distribution companies. Key investment criteria include:

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Transactions Below $5MM

We prefer smaller companies with a track record of positive cash flows. Companies of this size typically face similar challenges as they look to grow and these challenges fit well with our skills.

Companies Ready for Transition

Our greatest success is with companies whose owners have achieved profitable success and are now ready to move on and allow their teams to focus on the next level of growth. These management teams can benefit from a hands-on partner with fresh perspective on how to achieve greater profitability. We don't expect our companies to be perfect; in fact, we enjoy the challenge of helping teams work through the challenges of an ownership transition.

Well-Defined Products and Markets

We appreciate the advantages of a mature and stable market that values a strong, professionally run company. While we typically invest in manufacturing operations, we will also consider value-add distributors with no limitations to growth.

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